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  • David O’Hanlon

    David is one of the founding partners of NEW URBAN LIVING. His career and experience are wide-ranging, being a Chartered Accountant who also has over 25 years of senior international marketing experience.

    David has a deep understanding of behavioural change and how to achieve it to deliver business goals. His marketing and financial experience combine unique insights about consumer & stakeholder needs with practical innovations to create compelling business strategies.

    Combining acumen with analytical skills, he brings a strong financial background to deal appraisal and business model design.

    David was the strategist for some of the best-known advertising campaigns of the past two decades. Consequently, he has hands-on experience of commissioning and personally conducting consumer research to ensure what goes to market will work in-market. He combines this with a rigour for data-rich and evidence-based analysis to ensure fresh approaches are coupled with an understanding of, and a reduction of, risk.

    David is known for finding new solutions to long-standing, and seemingly-unsolvable, problems.

  • Ralph Buschow

    Ralph is one of the founding partners of NEW URBAN LIVING. He brings to the company international experience in master-planning, urban regeneration and the detailed design of a wide range of building types including commercial, housing, healthcare, education and the arts.

    He has been involved in the delivery of high-quality and respected responses to housing in the UK for more than 20 years. Ralph finds in a site what others overlook, using deliberation and innovation to deliver highlyregarded places to live and work in. He gets the most out of the site, not only financially, but also in terms of the value delivered to the residents, businesses and the local community.

    At the Affordable Home Ownership Awards, his architectural firm was awarded the “Best Designed Scheme” for its 56-home development in Hemel Hempstead. The judging panel said the scheme provided a scale and density that was appropriate to its location, had well-defined and useable public/communal spaces, boasted internal layouts that enhanced the varied lifestyle of residents, included features that reduced the scheme’s environmental impact, and measures that ensured the scheme was safe, secure and accessible, whilst maintenance costs and service charges were minimised through careful design decisions.

    Ralph’s regeneration skills were further developed through his work in Russia, where he delivered complex and refined developments in central Moscow and the historic centre of St. Petersburg.

    Ralph is a Trustee of Architecture for Humanity, which is a charitable organisation that seeks architectural solutions to humanitarian crises and brings design services to communities in need.

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