NEW URBAN LIVING Offers Buyers Real Choice

Creating the Homes 55+ owner-occupiers really want

NEW URBAN LIVING creates Personalised Homes™ by bringing to house building what we all take for granted in the car market – the buyer’s ability to specify a huge range of features. We provide the 55+ home buyer with the certainty that their new home will be exactly what they want.

No fuss. No compromises.

And to make the most of their nest egg, we offer a healthy 10% discount if they prefer to fund their new home in advance.

Making the move stress-free and physically undemanding

NEW URBAN LIVING removes the stress and worry of a chain. We deal with all the main third parties – utilities, mail-forwarding, registration of new address for pensions, car log book, and so on.

And we provide a de-cluttering, packing and removal service, followed by unpacking upon arrival and free access to the services of a handyman for the first 12 months in their new homes.

Further enhancing their nest egg by making the most of their existing home

First, NEW URBAN LIVING guarantees the value of the existing property based on three independent local agent valuations. Then we maximise its value by obtaining planning permission (if needed), getting the building work done, dressing the property beautifully and marketing it to achieve the best value. Then we share the additional proceeds (net of costs) equally.

What’s The Geographic Analysis?

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